Property Management Insights

Tenant Payments

We use commercially available property management software. This is how our tenant payments get processed. 

Self Managing Your Property

Some of my favorite quick tips if you are planning to manage your own rental property. 

How's The Rental Market?

Property Management Blog
As a property management company, we closely monitor the duration homes spend on the market. Typically, appropriately priced homes are leased within 30 days. If a home remains on the market for an extended period, it signals an overvaluation based on its condition and location, n...

Forever Renters

Property Management Blog
Never before in history has the real estate market been so elusive for our younger generation. Unless their parents have real estate holdings, many individuals will likely remain perpetual renters due to the unattainability of real estate purchases. Despite the challenging econom...

Liabilty Insurance and Eviction Protection

Property Management Blog
We are thrilled to announce our new offering: ProtectionPlus.ProtectionPlus is $1m in liability insurance and eviction protection insurance and is included with the PREMIUM Level of Service at no additional charge. For the other levels of service, the cost is only $60 per month.W...

Real Estate - A Hedge Against Inflation

Property Management Blog
Inflation erodes the value of money resulting in decreased purchasing power where the same amount of money can acquire fewer goods and services.  This detrimental impact on investment is especially true for assets with fixed returns such as savings and retirement accounts. T...

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

Property Management Blog
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. As we enjoyed each others company with joyous chattering and remembering the year, we continue to be thankful for all that we have, all that we have accomplished, and all that we will do in the future. We give thanks fot all those who d...

Happy Thankisgiving

Property Management Blog
Thanksgiving is widely recognized as a celebration to honor the harvest feast that the colonial Pilgrims supposedly shared with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. The Wampanoag Indians played a crucial role in the survival of the colonists during their initial year in 1620. Today we ...

Paws or Not

Property Management Blog
Deciding whether to permit pets in rental properties poses a challenging dilemma for property owners. On one paw, it may attract responsible pet owners, expanding the pool of potential tenants. Conversely, it could result in property damage and noise complaints.While we generally...
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