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We encourage you to view the home before applying. All homes are offered as-is when you move in.

IMPORTANT! Before completing an application, read and understand the following Tenancy Requirements, Resident Benefit Program and our Pet Policy. We have the right to change these policies at any time without notice.

  1. We hold properties for up to 14 days once application is approved. 
  2. Unless we otherwise specify, we require 2-year leases. 
  3. Homes are offered as-is. 
  4. We will not make changes to the lease, pet agreement or any associated leasing document.
  5. Resident Benefit Package is a monthly fee and will not be waived.
  6. Security deposit is always required.
  7. If any information at any time is found to be false, the application will be denied. 


We use an outside agency, Acutraq Background Screening, to process our applications. We process applications on a “first-come” basis. In other words, if there is an application before yours for the same property, your application will be on hold. If that applicant is offered and accepts tenancy, your application will be archived, your fee will be returned (allow up to 14 days) - you will not be notified. Our Property Managers do not pre-screen and cannot determine if you will be approved. The approval process generally takes about 7 business days depending on how quickly your employer and previous landlords reply.

We encourage you to view the home before applying. If you complete an application, it will be processed according to the following guidelines. Incomplete applications will be removed and you will be required to start over.

The application fee per adult is $75. Every adult whose data is to be considered in the rent must complete an application.

Acutraq Background Screening will run your credit report obtained through one of the national credit bureaus. Employment and rental verification may take longer and you should notify them that Acutraq will be contacting them.

Please make certain you have answered all items in the application and uploaded all the required documents. If the uploaded documentation is incomplete or we are not able to verify information from your application, your application will be declined or skipped.  You will have to re-apply to be considered – no exceptions will be made.

Students with no solid work history, credit, or who are just getting started in the workforce may have a guarantor. The guarantor will need to complete a full application, must be approved  and agree to be listed as a responsible party on the lease.

Lease Terms – Applications will be processed for 18-24 month leases. If you enter a 1-year term in the application, your application may not be processed at all and no notice will be given.

Tenancy Requirements – Approval is based on a combination of credit history, income verification, employment verification/history, residence history, criminal background check, references, and pets.

ID Documents required - Each applicant must upload a copy of a legible Government-issued photo ID and must be in the U.S. legally (you will be required to upload appropriate documents such as a social security card, Resident Alien Card, Work Visa, or Passport which shows that you are legally in the U.S.). You must have a valid social security number; we do not accept tax id’s.


Credit – You must have a credit file and score with one of the major credit reporting agencies of 625 or better and must meet income and residency requirements (consumer website credit scores are not considered, ie Credit Karma, etc). All collections must be paid and bankruptcy must be discharged. Guarantors may be accepted.

Income – Income per family or income per individual unrelated adult must be at least 2 times the property rental rate with verifiable written documentation; last 3 most recent employer pay stubs (no older than 90 days). Self-employed applicants must provide one of the following financial records: last 2 years of filed tax returns or last 2 years of 1099’s showing income for contract work or CPA-prepared financial statements on letterhead. No screenshots of any pay documents will be accepted.


Credit – You must have a credit file and score with one of the major credit reporting agencies of at least 650 (consumer website credit scores are not considered, ie Credit Karma, etc), have at least 5 personal tradelines on your report, no open or active bankruptcies, no bankruptcies within the last 7 years, all collections paid off, and no slow payment history within the last 3 years. No Guarantors or Co-signers unless you are a group of students (student ID’s may be required).

Income – Income per family/group or income per individual must be at least 2.5 times the property rental rate with verifiable written documentation; last 3 most recent employer pay stubs (no older than 90 days). Self-employed applicants must provide one of the following financial records: 1) last 2 years of filed tax returns, 2) last 2 years of 1099’s showing income for contract work, or 3) CPA-prepared financial statements on letterhead. No screenshots of any pay documents will be accepted.


Employment – Employment history must be verifiable for at least the past 2 years unless there is a Guarantor (Guarantor’s will be required to have verifiable income). You must be a permanent employee, not temporary or probationary. Active military must be on assignment that, to the best of your knowledge, will allow you to complete a 12-month lease.

If your recent employment is a new job, transfer, or relocation, you can show an original offer letter on letterhead and must be signed by a direct supervisor or payroll/human resources representative stating position, salary and start date with no probationary period and must be verifiable. You will need to provide your last employers’ 2 most recent pay stubs. (Verification fees required by the employer must be paid by the applicant). If income received from other sources, such as alimony, child support, Housing Vouchers, etc. is used to meet income criteria, official written documentation is required and must be uploaded.

Rental History – Residence history must be verifiable for the previous 5 years. You are responsible for providing information, including the names, addresses, and current phone numbers of all Landlords along with the dates of residency. You must include all your past rental history; it will be reviewed for positive, verifiable history and your landlords will be asked about late payments, NSF checks, warrants, complaints, and condition of the property when you left. We also verify that proper notice has been given and that you did not leave with a balance due or collection account. If you leased from an apartment community, they usually require written notice from you before they will verify your history. It will be to your advantage to notify them in advance to expect a request from Rental History Reports . Rental history must be verified from unbiased sources (not from family or relatives). Evictions and open/active bankruptcies will be automatic grounds for denial.

Background Check – We do not accept applicants with felony convictions involving violent crimes, prostitution, domestic violence, weapons possession, sex offenses or illegal substances and are all grounds for denial of residency. Persons required to register as sex offenders will also be denied.

Pets – If you have pets, please check with the Property Manager to see if you are permitted to have pets in this home. If pets are allowed, there are weight restrictions as determined by the property owner. We do not accept aggressive or vicious breeds, exotic, poisonous, endangered or illegal animals.  There are limitations on quantity pets per home and there is a non-refundable pet fee. We charge monthly pet rent per pet and a per pet deposit that will be held in escrow. You will be required to complete a pet screening at before any application is accepted. Any misrepresentation about pets will be grounds for eviction. Read our Pet Policy for more details and before completing an application.

No Smoking and No Drugs – Smoking and drug use is not permitted on the property.

Property Condition – We recommend that you view the property prior to submitting an application. Landlord makes no express or implied warranties as to the property’s condition and is being offered as-is. At move-in, you will have the opportunity to perform a walk-through to record any damage you see.  We have all homes professionally cleaned – please remember that everyone has a different idea of clean!

It is your responsibility to verify school districts, enrollments, and designation boundaries.  You are also responsible for investigating crime statistics or the presence of sex offenders in the area before submitting an application.


If your application is accepted, this is the process and funds required:

  1. You will be required to wire and pay through Zelle, the reservation fee (equal to 1 month’s rent) along with the administrative fee. Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive information on how to make this payment. These funds are not refundable for any reason whatsoever and will hold the home for you until move in. If you do not move in, you will lose the reservation fee – it will not be returned so be sure you want this home. 
  2. If your lease start date is on or after the 20th of the month, you will be required to pay pro-rated rent plus the Tenant Benefit Program fee. At move-in, the full security deposit, any pro-rated rent, and any other funds will be due in the form of a money order or certified bank check. Absolutely no personal checks will be accepted at move-in.
  3. At move-in, the reservation fee will be applied to your rent.
  4. If you are not ready with these funds, the lease will be terminated immediately, and you will forfeit your reservation fee – it will not be returned.

Monthly Rent – If Atlanta Marietta  Inc (formerly Area Property Management) is managing the property, monthly rent is paid online through your Tenant Portal. You will have access to your individual secured tenant portal and each month you will receive an invoice for your rent payment and must be paid in full each month – No partial payments will be accepted. You may pay with ACH, credit card, checks, money orders, or directly depositing funds. ACH is free but there are additional fees for all other forms of payment.

If you do not have internet access, there will be a processing fee on all personal checks or money orders used to pay rent. We must receive all rent checks by your due date or your payment will be considered late and late fees will apply.

OWNER MANAGED: If the Owner is managing the property, you will be given other instructions on how your monthly rent will be paid. You also authorize the Owner to view and review your application, all content, associated documentation and screening reports. In addition, all applications are processed and the best one will be selected. 

PetsPet Screening.

Resident Benefits - Don't forget to include the Resident Benefit Package when budgeting your monthly rent.

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