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The Impact Of Section 8

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The Impact of Section 8The benefits of Section 8 extend far beyond the immediate relief of affordable housing. They have a profound impact on individuals and communities:1.            Stability: Section 8 provides housing stability to vulnerable popu...

Can Owners Refuse Section 8?

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Georgia is one of the many states where Section 8 (now called the Housing Choice Voucher) is optional. Rental property owners can decide if they want to offer their property to the Section 8 community. HUD has been working to try to increase the number of homes available in ...

HUD Wants you!

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Over the years, HUD has become concerned about the number of Landlords withdrawing from their Section 8 program. So much so, that they finally asked Landlords why they are leaving. From feedback received across the county, HUD has begun implementing initiatives to retain and incr...