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Let us be your partner in property management and tenant placement

Relationships are very important to us and take a long time to develop – and we understand how hard you've worked year after year to build your client base. At Atlanta Area Property & Management, we have implemented a strong Agent Referral Program that let's you feel good when referring your client to us for property management services. We let you focus on sales while we focus on rentals.

We help real estate agents successfully work with clients that have rental property. Whether your client is a new or experienced real estate investor or just an owner needing to rent their home, we can give you a professional rental analysis to present to your client and offer guidance or answer any question you or your client may have.

We specialize exclusively in property management and do not sell real estate - we leave that to you. Our pledge to you is to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to your client and smoothly transition them back to you once they are ready to sell or buy more property.

You can count on us to be your your resource and partner in property management. Contact us today to discuss our referral fee and find out how we can work as a team by combining our complimentary services.

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Outsource Your Property Management

You probably just fell into managing your client’s property. Their home wasn’t selling so you agreed to rent it for your client until the market turned or perhaps you figured steady monthly income during tough economic times. That’s how most agents get into property management and unless you are dedicating time to these rentals, they are devouring you – and you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the effort.

Property management is truly a nickel-dime business. Managing one or a few rentals is time consuming and stressful, especially since you don’t have the staff or assistants that can resolve tenant issues quickly and correctly. Your rentals are a major distraction that interfere with your ability to focus on your real estate sales. We can assure you that no matter what size your inventory, if you are not 100% focused on your property management business, it is causing you some serious aggravation. That’s where we come in.

No matter how many rentals you have, you can outsource your property management to us. If you are interested in this alternative solution to your management problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.