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Don't Raise The Rents

Should you raise the rent in this market at renewal? We thihnk not. 

6 Things You Shouldn't Throw In The Trash

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Everybody’s got stuff.  A lot of stuff.  And we’re acquiring more stuff all the time, so we all need to discard some stuff on a regular basis.  In most cases, it’s fine to simply toss unwanted stuff in the trash.  But there are some household...

How's The Rental Market?

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As a property management company, we closely monitor the duration homes spend on the market. Typically, appropriately priced homes are leased within 30 days. If a home remains on the market for an extended period, it signals an overvaluation based on its condition and location, n...

The Impact Of Section 8

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The Impact of Section 8The benefits of Section 8 extend far beyond the immediate relief of affordable housing. They have a profound impact on individuals and communities:1.            Stability: Section 8 provides housing stability to vulnerable popu...

High Interest Rates Affect Rental Property

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Impact of High Interest RatesHigh-interest rates and rental properties are two key factors that can significantly influence the real estate market and the financial well-being of property investors. When interest rates rise, as they have historically done, the impact on rental pr...

Can Owners Refuse Section 8?

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Georgia is one of the many states where Section 8 (now called the Housing Choice Voucher) is optional. Rental property owners can decide if they want to offer their property to the Section 8 community. HUD has been working to try to increase the number of homes available in ...

HUD Wants you!

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Over the years, HUD has become concerned about the number of Landlords withdrawing from their Section 8 program. So much so, that they finally asked Landlords why they are leaving. From feedback received across the county, HUD has begun implementing initiatives to retain and incr...

Delinquent Tenant? Options?

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I recently saw a statistic that 35% of renters have not been able to pay rent. That is huge. So, what are your options if you are a landlord with a delinquent tenant? Try Rent Assistance. Last March, the  Georgia Department of Community Affairs started administering the Rent...

How Much Security Deposit?

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How much security deposit should you hold? The general rule of thumb is one month’s rent but over the last few years we have noticed that tenants are just leaving lots of personal property and not really cleaning their rental upon termination of their lease. They are expect...

Who Handles The Lawn?

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Who should handles lawn care? Over the years I have had the tenant take care of the yard ... but! Tenants don't do a grood job if they do it at all. Recently, I have had a change of plans. I'm now handles the lawn care maintenant and charging the tenant extra or it is inc...
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