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Owning rental property can be a great source of additional income but also comes with a lot of demands and personal sacrifice. A property manager may just be your salvation while contributing to the success and profitability of your rental home investment. If more time and less stress are key to your quality of life, here’s how we can a valuable asset to your portfolio.

1. Aggressive Marketing Programs.

Our comprehensive marketing strategy is comprised of a variety of proactive campaigns. It includes pushing your listing out to hundreds of rental websites (including Section 8 listing sites), utilizing the multiple listing services, promoting referral programs for real estate agents and brokers, and engaging our own client-owners as well as our current tenants - just to name a few. Our campaigns drive a constant flow of tenants allowing us to fill vacancies quickly and with a quality tenant for top dollar.

Accurate Pricing

2. Accurate Pricing.

We will provide you with a rental market analysis report so you can reasonably know how much you can expect to get for your home. We won't give you a high rent amount just to win your business. The report will show you homes in your area with listing details and what they are charging for rent plus photos so you can compare the condition and location against the competition.

3. Rigorous Tenant Screening.

We perform one of the most stringent tenant screening processes in the industry substantially minimizing payment risk and evictions. We check credit, background, employment, and rental history. We obtain copies of ID’s as well as pay stubs or tax returns to ensure potential tenants can actually afford the property.

4. Exclusive Owner Benefits.

We offer a set of guarantees crafted for your peace of mind and property protection, covering everything from selecting the right tenant to a flexible month-to- month property management agreement.

5. Long-Term Tenants.

To keep your property profitable, we seek long term tenants. Our initial leases start with an 18 to 24 month term that will automatically renew annually with a rent increase. We find tat initiating longer leases from the outset encourages long-term commitments and a more stable tenant who becomes part of the community and are more likely to stay for several years.

Powerful, Owner-oriented Lease

6. Powerful, Owner-oriented Lease.

Our attorney-approved lease is specifically designed to mitigate owner risk protecting you and your investment. Our lease is a result of the many years of dealing with tenants and their shenanigans. We stay away from standard form leases used by most management companies that offer limited owner protection.

7. State-of-the-art Software.

We utilize the industry’s best property management software system which provides you with detailed monthly statements outlining all activity in your account. You’ll have access to your account through an owner’s portal anytime and anywhere. Your tenant will also have access to a portal where they can make rent payments and submit repair requests at any time, day or night, weekends and holidays.

8. Our Own Company Contractors.

In order to minimize repair and maintenance expenses, we employ our own team of handymen and contractors. We've found that many independent companies are reluctant to handle small jobs, and when they do, will increase the job price, add trip fees and additional charges for after-hours and emergency services. By utilizing our in-house crew, we can prioritize repairs and offer better pricing and quality service, even for minor repairs regardless of whether work is performed on holidays, weekends, or evenings.

Tenant Benefit Program

9. Tenant Benefit Program.

Our tenants are automatically enrolled in our exclusive Tenant Benefit Program which not only benefits the tenant but also benefits you. TBP includes payment reporting to the credit bureaus, an online portal with a multitude of payment options, front-door delivery of dated furnace filters, and renters insurance covering tenant personal property and owner asset protection.

10. Only Property Management.

Although we are licensed Georgia real estate agents, we do not handle any “buy/sell” real estate activities. Our business is centered around property management in order to avoid any conflict of interest or being distracted by large commission opportunities. Property management is our only business - not a side activity to hold us over when the economy gets tough. Because we only focus on property management, we are incented to rent your home as quickly as possible at the highest rent possible with the best tenant possible!