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Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement Guarantee

If we place a tenant and they break the lease during the first 12 months, we will re-lease it for free

  • We must have a property management agreement in place
  • Monthly rent must be $1000 or more
Agent-Only Showings

Agent-Only Showings

We offer a variety of tour options include licensed agent showings, open houses, and self-showings.

  • Easy and convenient for potential tenants
  • Shortens the time on market
Pet Damage Protection

Pet Damage Protection

Our pet screening is so thorough that we will repair pet damage up to $2000

  • We must have a property management agreement in place
  • Pet must be authorized, approved and screened by us; does not apply if we inherited the tenant or pet
  • All work is performed by our in-house contractors and we determine damage based on industry standards
PM Contract Promise

PM Contract Promise

We earn your business every day so our property management contract is month-to-month

  • No termination fees or penalties with a 30 day written notice
  • Funds will be transferred and leases assigned to you or your new management company
30 Day Rental

30 Day Rental Guarantee

We'll have your property rented within 30 days or your 1st month of management is free

  • We must agree on the rental price and guarantee will start upon signed approval from both parties
  • Home must be vacant and meet our rent-ready standards
  • Pets are to be permitted
Leasing Fee

No Money Up Front

You don't pay our leasing fee until we have a signed lease and money paid by the tenant

  • Our fees are paid from the initial rents
  • Reserves are paid from the following month's rents
Management Fee

Management Fee Pledge

We will only get paid only if your tenant pays their rent

  • Does not apply to Housing Voucher homes
  • Property Management fee must be percentage-based
Rent Deposit

On-time Rent Deposit

Your rent payment will be direct deposited on or before the 15th of each month

  • You must have portal access with an attached bank account
  • Tenant must make their payment on time
  • This does not guarantee that the tenant will pay on-time

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Rental Statistics

  Average Rental Amount Average Vacancy Rate
Atlanta, GA $1224 6.2%
Our company $1285 2.5%