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Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement Guarantee

If we place a tenant and they break the lease during the first 6 months, we will re-lease it for free

  • We must have a property management agreement in place
  • Monthly rent must be $1000 or more
Agent-Only Showings

Showing Options

We offer a variety of tour options including licensed agent showings, open houses, and self-showings.

  • Easy and convenient for potential tenants
  • Shortens the time on market
PM Contract Promise

PM Contract Promise

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Cancel any time during the first 4 months of a signed contract.

  • No termination fees or penalties with a 30 day written notice
  • Funds will be transferred and leases assigned to you or your new management company
Leasing Fee

No Money Up Front

You don't pay our leasing fee until we have a signed lease and money paid by the tenant

  • Our fees are paid from the initial rents
  • Reserves are paid from the following month's rents
Management Fee

Management Fee Pledge

We will only get paid only if your tenant pays their rent

  • Does not apply to Housing Voucher homes
Rent Deposit

On-time Rent Deposit

Your rent payment will be direct deposited on or before the 15th of each month

  • You must have portal access with an attached bank account
  • Tenant must make their payment on time
  • This does not guarantee that the tenant will pay on-time
Tenant Benefit


Tenants are automatically enrolled in our Tenant Benefits Program. Both you and the tenants benefit from these valuable services.

  • Tenant must not be particpating in Section 8

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Rental Statistics

  Average Rental Amount Average Vacancy Rate
Atlanta, GA $1224 6.2%
Our company $1285 2.5%