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Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement

If we place a tenant and they break the lease during the first 6 months, we will re-lease it for free

  • We must have a property management agreement in place
  • Monthly rent must be $1000 or more
Agent-Only Showings

Showing Options

We offer a variety of tour options including licensed agent showings, open houses, and self-showings.

  • Easy and convenient for potential tenants
  • Shortens the time on market
PM Contract Promise

PM Contract Promise

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our contracts are month-to-month so you can cancel any time - just give us 30 days notice.

  • No termination fees or penalties with a 30 day written notice
  • Funds will be transferred and leases assigned to you or your new management company
Leasing Fee

No Money Up Front

You don't pay our leasing fee until we have a signed lease and money paid by the tenant

  • Our fees are paid from the initial rents
  • Reserve is paid when management agreement is signed
Management Fee

Management Fee Pledge

We will only get paid only if your tenant pays their rent

  • Does not apply to Housing Voucher homes
Rent Deposit

On-time Rent Deposit

Your rent payment will be direct deposited on or before the 15th of each month

  • You must have portal access with an attached bank account
  • Tenant must make their payment on time
  • This does not guarantee that the tenant will pay on-time
Tenant Benefit

Tenant Amenities

Tenants are automatically enrolled in our Tenant Benefits Program. Both you and the tenants benefit from these valuable services.

  • Tenant must not be particpating in Section 8


A revolutionary solution that helps owners gain a deeper level of financial protection for their rental property.

As you already know, there are many risks to owning a rental property. Liability and eviction are two of the more expensive ones insurance won't cover.

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Professional monitoring with police protection against break-ins and squatters in your vacant rental home while it’s on the market. Safeguard your investment from potential financial losses caused by criminals taking over the property or causing substantial damage that could cost thousands to repair.

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Atlanta Property Management

Atlanta Area Rental Statistics

  • In 2023, rents fell 5.8%
  • Current median rent is $1516
  • Vacancy rate is 7.8%
  • Over half of renter households spend at least 30% of their income on rent
  • 34% of household nationwide are renters
  • 24.7% of Millennials consider themselves “forever renters”
  • Over 80% of Millennials do not believe buying a home is achievable

Forecast for 2024

  • Rent prices will remain soft and expected to continue to decline
  • Barriers to home ownership is high with elevated prices and spiking mortgage rates
  • Construction of nearly 1M apartment complexes will exert pressure on single-family rental housing, driven by the appeal of brand new homes and abundance of amenities.
  • The sunbelt states will see more renters but not higher rents. 

Source: Metro Atlanta CEO,, Apartment List