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Rental Market Softens

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We can all feel how soft the rental market is in the Atlanta area. Since last year at this time, monthly rental prices have decreased about $200, and just since last month, rent prices have decreased about $50 – and we are coming into the peak season!Our inventory of availa...

Tenant Payments

We use commercially available property management software. This is how our tenant payments get processed. 

Forever Renters

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Never before in history has the real estate market been so elusive for our younger generation. Unless their parents have real estate holdings, many individuals will likely remain perpetual renters due to the unattainability of real estate purchases. Despite the challenging econom...

The Impact Of Section 8

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The Impact of Section 8The benefits of Section 8 extend far beyond the immediate relief of affordable housing. They have a profound impact on individuals and communities:1.            Stability: Section 8 provides housing stability to vulnerable popu...

Who Handles The Lawn?

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Who should handles lawn care? Over the years I have had the tenant take care of the yard ... but! Tenants don't do a grood job if they do it at all. Recently, I have had a change of plans. I'm now handles the lawn care maintenant and charging the tenant extra or it is inc...


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If you are self managing your rental property, performing periodic drive-bys are important. Two to three times per year, get in your car and drive by the property and simply take a photo of the home from your car. Do not get out and walk around the home.  If the grass is too...

Landlord Tenant Laws (Georgia)

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Tip #20: It is really risky managing a property without knowing what the laws are that govern tenancy. Every state is different - some are move tenant friendly and structure laws accordingly. When managing your rental, don't assume anything. Make sure you consult the laws and...

Tip #18: Pre-screen potential tenants

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Tip #18: Pre-screen before showing your property. Once your property has been listed, you'll start to receive tons of calls from potential tenants. Before you schedule a time to show your property, ask your inquirer questions to determine if they even qualify. Ask them: why a...

Tip #16 Fences

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Fences are a plus! If you are debating whether or not to install a backyard fence, do it. You probably won't get more rent, but a fenced backyard attracts so many more tenants, even if you don’t permit pets. Fences give parents a sense of security and privacy for their ...

Tip #15 Train your tenants

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Train your tenants to be great tenants. Great tenants are hard to find so it’s up to you to make sure tenants know the rules and consequences. No matter how small a rule is, include it somewhere in the lease. When your tenant breaks a rule, enact punishment, which should al...
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