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Vacant Home Security

The Atlanta metro area is grappling with a significant surge in squatters and break-ins, with vacant properties being particularly vulnerable to these criminal activities. The repercussions of break-ins can be substantial, and if a squatter takes possession of your home, you may face up to a year of lost rent along with the expenses of physical damage.

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To tackle squatters and break-ins, we offer Vacant Home Security, a monitored security system specifically tailored for our vacant rental homes to effectively deter squatters and break-ins. Vacant Home Security is an available option for our property owners at a reasonable monthly fee until a tenant occupies the premises. This comprehensive package includes equipment, yard signs, and professional monitoring with direct communication to law enforcement.

Atlanta Area Property and Management


  • Must have a property management agreement or a listing agreement with us
  • Property must be vacant
  • Temporary until leased or removed from the rental market
  • 24/7 professional monitoring with police response
  • Sensors, motion detectors, siren, cameras, and yard sign (cameras require internet wi-fi)
  • $45 per month until tenant move-in
Atlanta Area Property and Management


While we can't guarantee absolute protection against squatters or break-ins, our system is a strong deterrent to criminal activity. The installation process is quick, taking only a few minutes once we receive the keys ensuring minimal vulnerability. To enhance home security, we also:

  • Keep track of individuals entering the home for showings or maintenance
  • Ensure that doors and windows are locked after showings
  • Install lockboxes on back doors where possible
  • Utilize specialized agent lockboxes for added security


Our objective is to ensure the continuous protection of your rental property. Managing the security of a vacant home 24/7 poses a challenge, but Vacant Home Security serves as the ideal solution in such situations.

FAQ's for Vacant Home Security

  • Why should I have the Vacant Home Security system installed for just a month or so?

    We highly recommend our Vacant Home Security system for maximum protection against the prevalent criminal activity in the Atlanta area. With professional monitoring, law enforcement will be promptly dispatched upon detecting a break-in, significantly reducing the likelihood of property damage and squatters.

  • What is the cost?

    The owner will be charged a monthly fee of $40, billed on a calendar month basis with no pro-ration. This fee covers both the equipment and professional monitoring services. Upon tenant move-in, the equipment is removed, and monitoring is discontinued.

    While $40 may be an expense you may hesitate to incur, after all, you are trying to keep expenses down, it pales in comparison to the potential expenses incurred from squatters and break-in damages. In Atlanta, addressing squatters involves lengthy eviction processes, currently experiencing months of delays. This delay could result in squatters residing in your rental for an extended period, possibly up to a year.

    Damage to your property from the squatter or a break-in could easily amount to thousands of dollars, coupled with additional costs associated with keeping the home off the market until repairs are complete.

  • How about just installing a security sign?

    Evident indicators of an alarm system, such as stickers, yard signs, and outdoor cameras for video surveillance, have been demonstrated to dissuade burglars, who frequently engage in crimes of opportunity. Numerous studies reveal that approximately half of burglars actively seek signs of an alarm, and they admit they would abandon their attempt if such signs were present. However, the question remains: what about the other half? We believe that relying on 50/50 odds is no better than having no security system at all.

  • How is the camera used?

    The camera requires an internet connection and offers significant advantages in distinguishing between friend and foe when the alarm is triggered. If you opt to use the camera, we can arrange for internet installation at your expense.

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