We encourage you to view the home before applying. All homes are offered as-is when you move in.

IMPORTANT! Before completing an application, read and understand the following Tenancy Requirements. We have the right to change these policies at any time without notice.

  1. You must complete an application before you are accepted.
  2. Make sure you upload copies of your id and income documents (if you have a portion to pay). 
  3. Security deposit is one month’s rent and is always required; a payment plan may be available.
  4. No pets and no smoking allowed on the property of any of our homes. 
  5. You must have a valid RTA. We will not wait for you to obtain it. 
  6. Vouchers must match the number of bedrooms of the home you are applying for. 
  7. Only the people listed on the voucher may live in the home. 


We use an outside agency, Acutraq, to process our applications. We process applications on a “first-come” basis. In other words, if there is an application before yours for the same property, your application will be placed on hold. If that applicant is offered and accepts tenancy, your application will be archived, your fee will be returned (allow up to 14 days) - you will not be notified. If your application is processed and you are denied, you will not get a refund of your application fee. The approval process generally takes about 7 business days. 

Property Condition – You must tour the property prior to submitting an application. Landlord makes no express or implied warranties as to the property’s condition and is being offered as-is. Home will be inspected by the Housing Authority prior to your move-in. We have all homes professionally cleaned – please remember that everyone has a different idea of clean!

Property Situation - It is your responsibility to verify school districts, enrollments, and designation boundaries.  You are also responsible for investigating crime statistics or the presence of sex offenders in the area before submitting an application.

Application fee is $50 per adult.

Please make certain you have answered all questions in the application and upload all the required documents. If the uploaded documentation is incomplete or we are not able to verify information from your application, your application will be declined or skipped.  You will have to re-apply in order to be considered – no exceptions will be made.

Lease Terms – Applications will be processed for a 12-month lease as per the Housing Authority.

Tenancy Requirements – Approval is based on criminal background check, landlord recommendation, employment verification (if employed), and a review of the your collections status. 

Documents Required - Each applicant must upload a copy of a legible Government-issued photo ID (and must be in the U.S. legally) and proof of income no older than 30 days. 

Employment verification - We look for applicants that earn 2 times your portion of rent each month in verifiable income.

Credit – We do not consider credit scores but we will review your collection status. You may be denied if you have any open bankruptcies, open consumer or utility credit collections (non-medical or non-educational), or non-paid charge-offs in your credit history.

Rental History – We will contact your previous Landlord. You must include all your past rental history; it will be reviewed for positive, verifiable history and your landlords will be asked about late payments, bounced checks, warrants, complaints, and condition of the property when you left. We also verify that proper notice has been given and that you did not leave with a balance due or collection account. Any evictions on your record will be automatic grounds for denial.

Background Check – We do not accept applicants with felony convictions involving violent crimes, prostitution, domestic violence, weapons possession, sex offenses or illegal substances and are all grounds for denial of residency. 


  1. Once your application has been processed and accepted, we will contact you to provide us with your valid and signed RTA. We will complete and submit it to the Housing Authority. You must be ready to move or we will move on to the next applicant.
  2. The Housing Authority will provide a preliminary agreement with the rent amount. If accepted, an inspection will be scheduled.
  3. We generally meet the Inspector to ensure the home passes the Housing Authority requirements. Any issues will be addressed and re-inspected immediately, if needed.
  4. After the inspection has passed, Housing Authority will send us a copy of the approved RTA, rent amount, and an effective lease start date. We will prepare condition report that you will be required to sign acknowledging you received a copy and this will be used as your move-out document.
  5. At move-in, you will need to bring your security deposit unless the Housing Authority is paying it. We will provide keys and will expect you to maintain this home in the same or better condition.
  6. We will perform regular exterior and interior inspections throughout the year.