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High Interest Rates Affect Rental Property

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Impact of High Interest RatesHigh-interest rates and rental properties are two key factors that can significantly influence the real estate market and the financial well-being of property investors. When interest rates rise, as they have historically done, the impact on rental pr...

Tenant Took Advantage

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Homeowners Ken and Juanita didn't know what to do. When they married 40 years ago, Ken and Juanita bought their first home - a cute, brick ranch in Kennesaw. Over the years, they improved it, they raised their family in it and had many wonderful memories in it. Once the kids ...

Investor Pain

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The owners of Marietta Affordable Housing (MAH) came to us exasperated. They had gone through two management companies over the last 5 years and were not able to increase their profitability, couldn't get an accounting of funds, and were receiving code violations constantly. ...