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Financial reports

"Financial statements are the invaluable lens through which investors gain clarity and insight into the fiscal health and future potential of their investments."

We track your financials and reports each month through our secure, advanced and fully automated web-based accounting system. With our detailed financial reporting tools, it's never been easier to keep tabs on your investment.

  • All reports and tracking are available at all times through the Owner Portal – just login and go!
  • Convenience and self service for Review of all statements
  • Download owner statements & income reports

Log into your secure owner portal to view your financials:

  • Rent payments and other payments owed
  • Payment of maintenance vendor bills
  • Payment of monthly items at the request of owners
  • Owner statement and direct deposit by ACH processing to your bank account
  • Downloadable copies of leases, property management agreements, and monthly and annual statements

On an annual basis, you will also receive the following:

  • 1099's for tax preparation
  • Annual summary owner statement

Owner's Portal

Information to help you meet your financial goals ...