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Liabilty Insurance and Eviction Protection

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We are thrilled to announce our new offering: ProtectionPlus.ProtectionPlus is $1m in liability insurance and eviction protection insurance and is included with the PREMIUM Level of Service at no additional charge. For the other levels of service, the cost is only $60 per month.W...

Grand Update

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Grand Update! We help our owners with major remodels. Here's a home in Hapeville that was totally trashed. Our crew cleaned up the interior and are currently working on: painting cabinets, replacing countertops, refinishing the bathtub, sanding the hardwood floors, replacing ...

Tip #4 Screen Tenants

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Screen tenants - If you are planning to manage your own property, always screen your tenants. There are tenant screening services, such as TransUnion's SmartMove that allow you to perform limited tenant screening on your own. Owners get into trouble when they allow a prospect...