Rental Application

Thank you for your interest in our property. Before completing the application, please make certain you have read the Tenancy Requirements, Pet Policy and Tenant Benefit Program.


It is important to thoroughly complete all items in the application. If we are not able to perform or verify your information from your application, your application will not be processed and you will be declined. The Property Managers do not know if or how many applications may have been submitted. All applications will be processed, even if there are others. The first application to be approved will be extended tenancy.

Application Fee: $75 per adult (+ 3% credit card convenience fee) or $175 for a corporate lease

Each adult living in the home will be required complete an application and submit the application fee – each applicant must be approved.

Applications are processed in the order received once payment has been made. Lease terms are 18 to 24 months unless we have specified otherwise. If your application is incomplete or the processing fee has not been paid, your application will be archived after 7 days and you will have to begin again.

Funds Required - If your application is accepted, this is the process and funds required:

  1. You will receive a Welcome email with wiring/deposit instructions for your reservation fee along with leasing information. You will have 24 hours to wire the funds and sign the accompanying lease. The reservation fee is equal to one month’s rent, plus a $100 administrative fee and $25 wiring fee. These funds are not refundable for any reason whatsoever and will hold the home for you until move in. Immediately following your deposit, you will receive another email for your electronic signature on the lease. IMPORTANT! PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO FACTOR THE $45 TENANT BENEFIT PROGRAM MONTHLY FEE INTO YOUR RENTAL BUDGET – IT IS NOT OPTIONAL.
  2. At move-in, the full security deposit, any pro-rated rent, and any other funds will be due in the form of a money order or certified bank check. Absolutely no personal checks will be accepted at move-in.
  3. At move-in, the reservation fee will be applied to your first full month’s rent.

If you are ready, click the link below:


Don’t forget to screen your pet at:

Pet Screening

Acutraq Authorization For Business Credit Report