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We Eliminate the Stress of Managing Section 8 Properties

Section8 Management

Managing Section 8 housing can pose a significant challenge for landlords who are not familiar with the many rules and regulations of this HUD program. Section 8 can be time-consuming, challenging, and, at times, overwhelming due to the compliance guidelines required in addition to normal management activities. In exchange for “guaranteed rent”, Landlords must keep the home in decent, safe, and sanitary condition while maintaining the rent at fair market value.

In Georgia, Section 8 is voluntary and owners are not required to offer their rental properties to Section 8 participants. Landlords who opt to take part in Section 8 help provide housing to low-income families, the elderly and disabled, and our military veterans. Participating landlords receive a housing subsidy directly from a local public housing agency (PHA) that generally covers a large portion of the tenant’s monthly rent and any unsubsidized rent is paid directly to a landlord by the tenant.

We have managed Section 8 homes since 2010. As a result, we have the skills, knowledge and relationships to successfully navigate the many Housing Authorities in the Atlanta Area. We oversee all aspects of the program ranging from advertising your rental to move-out and turnover.

As a full service property management company specializing in Section 8 properties, our team is responsible for taking care of all aspects of managing your rental(s). Here are just a few of the activities we perform:

  • Paperwork required to register your rental with the Housing Authorities
  • Professional photographs and listing properties in all the right places
  • Showings, open houses, and housing fairs
  • Tenant screening and selection
  • Processing housing vouchers
  • Negotiating monthly rental with the Housing Authorities
  • Coordinating and passing Section 8 inspections
  • Conducting move-ins and move-outs
  • Monitoring monthly rent and collecting tenant portions
  • Maintaining owner financials, 1099s and statements
  • Applying for rent increases and organizing annual re-inspections
  • Handling all maintenance issues and enforcing the lease

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Section 8 Process

Did you know:

  • 8.75 years is the average household time in the program

  • 29.2% are elderly (older than 62)

  • 25.5% are non-elderly disabled

  • 45.5% are single persons

  • Over 75,000 housing vouchers are designated for Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing

HUD has regulatory oversight over the Public Housing Authorities but does not administer the program. In Georgia, we have county, city, Veteran, and specialized organizations authorized to administer this program with the discretion to run their programs in ways that best support their local communities. If you have multiple Section 8 homes, you have already discovered that your home may be available to several Housing Authorities, each with a different set of requirements. That is why you need us! We navigate the government paperwork, hoops, and circles!

Section 8 FAQ'S

Atlanta Area Property and Management specializes in Section 8 rentals. We work with all the Housing
Authorities in the metro area. Please click on the blue link below to get answers to your questions.