Property Management Insights

Best Air Purifier for Your Rental

Introducing the EDENPURE Thunderstorm Oxileaf II Air Purifier. For more information, visit their website at Please note, I do not receive any compensation from this product or vendor.I first discovered this air purifier when listening to the John Fredericks Radi...

HB404 Safe At Home Act

Georgia's new legislation effecting owners' responsibilities on rental properties.  There are 4 key elements: 1. Landland shall keep the premises in good repair. If you wouldn't let your mom live there, you need to do some work. 2. Expands the definitio...

Georgia Squatter Reform Law

Governor Kemp recently enacted the Georgia Squatters Reform Law, designed to assist homeowners in reclaiming their properties from squatters. Under this new law, homeowners who discover squatters on their property can contact the police, who will then require the squatters to pro...

Don't Raise The Rents

Should you raise the rent in this market at renewal? We thihnk not. 

Tenant Payments

We use commercially available property management software. This is how our tenant payments get processed. 
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