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Real Estate - A Hedge Against Inflation

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Inflation erodes the value of money resulting in decreased purchasing power where the same amount of money can acquire fewer goods and services.  This detrimental impact on investment is especially true for assets with fixed returns such as savings and retirement accounts. T...

Repairs vs Improvements

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Can you write off all repairs? First you have to distinguish between a repair and an improvement. A repair is usually a small fix that keeps your rental in its current state and is relatively inexpensive. Patching holes in walls, replacing a broken doorway, changing toilet t...

Ready to Sell Your Rental?

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So, you're ready to sell your investment property ...  now what? We can help you with that!First, we ensure you were not referred to us from another real estate agent. If you were, we will contact that agent to get them back involved. If you did not have an agent or your...