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Inspection Report

Most owners avoid participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program because they don’t like the condition of their rental once the Section 8 tenant moves out. We encourage and work with our tenants to report any repair issues immediately and to treat the property like their own. The HCV program is very profitable and reliable so we focus a good bit of our attention ensuring that the rental home is properly maintained and repaired.

Ninety days after we place a tenant, we conduct our first inspection. Should the home require attention due to tenant negligence, we will make the repair at the tenant’s expense and inform the Housing Authority. Once the problems are addressed, we will conduct a follow-up inspection within three to six months to ensure compliance.

We offer drive-bys, exterior inspections and interior inspections that include:

  • Two drive-bys minimum per year to ensure the yard is being maintained.
  • Exterior inspections to identify any exterior maintenance issues on the home, such as fascia, eaves, siding, deck, etc.
  • Interior inspection at 90 days after move-in. If warranted, a bi-annual inspection to ensure care of the home is no longer an issue.

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