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Georgia Squatter Reform Law

Governor Kemp recently enacted the Georgia Squatters Reform Law, designed to assist homeowners in reclaiming their properties from squatters. Under this new law, homeowners who discover squatters on their property can contact the police, who will then require the squatters to pro...

Don't Raise The Rents

Should you raise the rent in this market at renewal? We thihnk not. 

Rental Market Softens

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We can all feel how soft the rental market is in the Atlanta area. Since last year at this time, monthly rental prices have decreased about $200, and just since last month, rent prices have decreased about $50 – and we are coming into the peak season!Our inventory of availa...

6 Things You Shouldn't Throw In The Trash

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Everybody’s got stuff.  A lot of stuff.  And we’re acquiring more stuff all the time, so we all need to discard some stuff on a regular basis.  In most cases, it’s fine to simply toss unwanted stuff in the trash.  But there are some household...

Why Invest In Real Estate

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Real estate is a solid investment that can increase in value over time, according to Russell Sage, a prominent American financier, businessman, and politician in the 19th century. Unlike other investments, real estate is an asset that you can touch and see. It's a tangible in...

Does a Property Manager Need To Be Licensed in Georgia?

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Does a Property Manager need to be licensed in Georgia?Is a license required for property managers in Georgia? Yes, in Georgia, property managers must have an active Real Estate License issued by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and must be associated with a licensed Georgia br...
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