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Does a Property Manager Need To Be Licensed in Georgia?

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Does a Property Manager need to be licensed in Georgia?Is a license required for property managers in Georgia? Yes, in Georgia, property managers must have an active Real Estate License issued by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and must be associated with a licensed Georgia br...

Want Another Investment Home

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What?! You're ready for another? Let us help you find that next rental property. Now that we're managing your rental and you're seeing your investment grow, you're ready to purchase another. Well, you've come to the right place. We'll get you back in touch...

Ready to Sell Your Rental?

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So, you're ready to sell your investment property ...  now what? We can help you with that!First, we ensure you were not referred to us from another real estate agent. If you were, we will contact that agent to get them back involved. If you did not have an agent or your...