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Georgia Squatter Reform Law

Governor Kemp recently enacted the Georgia Squatters Reform Law, designed to assist homeowners in reclaiming their properties from squatters. Under this new law, homeowners who discover squatters on their property can contact the police, who will then require the squatters to pro...

Does a Property Manager Need To Be Licensed in Georgia?

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Does a Property Manager need to be licensed in Georgia?Is a license required for property managers in Georgia? Yes, in Georgia, property managers must have an active Real Estate License issued by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and must be associated with a licensed Georgia br...

Self Managing Your Property

Some of my favorite quick tips if you are planning to manage your own rental property. 

Brighter Homes Rent Faster

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Brightening up your rental will help get it rented so much quicker. Here are some simple tricks we use to add more light to our rentals.1) If there are blinds on the windows, we will turn the slats upward. This small trick allows natural light to enter the home and bounces off th...


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If you are self managing your rental property, performing periodic drive-bys are important. Two to three times per year, get in your car and drive by the property and simply take a photo of the home from your car. Do not get out and walk around the home.  If the grass is too...

Landlord Tenant Laws (Georgia)

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Tip #20: It is really risky managing a property without knowing what the laws are that govern tenancy. Every state is different - some are move tenant friendly and structure laws accordingly. When managing your rental, don't assume anything. Make sure you consult the laws and...

Tip #19: Compliance

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Tip #19: It is critical that your rental home is in compliance with state and local building codes. You are responsible for ensuring your investment property meets health and safety regulations or your tenant may have grounds to break their lease or even worse, sue you. A judge i...

Tip #15 Train your tenants

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Train your tenants to be great tenants. Great tenants are hard to find so it’s up to you to make sure tenants know the rules and consequences. No matter how small a rule is, include it somewhere in the lease. When your tenant breaks a rule, enact punishment, which should al...

Tip #12 Early Termination

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Early termination. No one likes a surprise termination by their tenant so to help ease the pain, make sure your lease has an early termination clause that outlines fines the tenant will incur. You can use these fines as a negotiating tool to ensure your property is readied withou...

Tip# 11 Tax Advantages

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Rental property = tax advantages. Keep track of everything you spend using a separate bank account and credit card. Keep all receipts. At the end of the year, you'll be able to write off interest, depreciation, materials, supplies, travel, insurance, legal and professional se...
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