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High Interest Rates Affect Rental Property

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Impact of High Interest RatesHigh-interest rates and rental properties are two key factors that can significantly influence the real estate market and the financial well-being of property investors. When interest rates rise, as they have historically done, the impact on rental pr...

Marietta Square - 1st Octoberfest

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Marietta Square just had their first Octoberfest this weekend (October 9 &10, 2021). They closed the Square to traffic and set up food vendor trailers, tents with crafts, beer, and lots of live music. We got there on Sunday afternoon and had a hard time parking. The park was ...

Section 8

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Section 8 has gotten a bad rap but in most recent years the Housing Authorities have worked hard to clean up this program. In the past, you could count on a Section 8 home to be a dilapidated, run-down home with messy tenants in areas you wouldn't dare go near.Today, I think ...