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Maintenance and Repair

Property Maintenance

A well-maintained home rents quicker, rents for more money, has lower turnover, and in general, has happier tenants! Tenants are given access to our secure on-line portal where all requests are submitted enabling you to view them on your Owner’s portal.

Ensuring the protection and upkeep of your rental investment is our foremost commitment. Unlike many property managers who enlist costly external vendors, particularly during emergencies or after regular hours, we have chosen to employ our own dedicated in-house maintenance team. This decision allows us to prioritize service requests and manage expenses effectively, preventing repair costs from significantly impacting rental profits. As an owner and investor, you will discover that our maintenance costs are more budget-friendly compared to the market standard, accompanied by a high level of customer satisfaction and a service guarantee.


Through our on-line portal, every maintenance and repair request is recorded. When you sign onto your portal, you can view the open repair requests and the status. Every repair invoice appears on your statement and are paid with your repair reserve.

We’ve worked hard to perfect the art of maintenance and repair. Safeguarding and preserving your investment remains our paramount focus.

Benefits to you:

  • Quality and guaranteed maintenance and repairs at competitive prices
  • 24/7 availability with trip charges or after hour/emergency fees
  • Accurate billing to help you track your investment expenses
  • Prompt response to protect your property and keep your tenants happy

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Rental Statistics

  Average Rental Amount Average Vacancy Rate
Atlanta, GA $1224 6.2%
Our company $1285 2.5%