Why You Need A Professional Inspection on Your Rental Property

Why You Need A Professional Inspection on Your Rental Property

The deteriorated chimney liner shown here would likely remain undetected in a casual walk-through.

A chimney liner inside a masonry chimney is a vital safety feature.  In this photo, the chimney liner has deteriorated over time, and in some places it has disintegrated altogether.

This can be a serious issue, as an ineffective liner like this can allow smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases to penetrate the chimney’s porous masonry surfaces and enter the home, potentially causing physical damage and/or health hazards, including death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Yet, despite the seriousness of this issue, most homebuyers have no way to access the flue, making a visual evaluation of the condition of the chimney and its liner practically impossible.  

This is another example of why a professional home inspection is so important when buying a home.  A qualified, experienced home inspector is trained to uncover problems like this deteriorated chimney liner, as well as a myriad of other issues that a casual homebuyer walk-through would probably miss.  

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