Happy Thankisgiving

Happy Thankisgiving

Thanksgiving is widely recognized as a celebration to honor the harvest feast that the colonial Pilgrims supposedly shared with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. The Wampanoag Indians played a crucial role in the survival of the colonists during their initial year in 1620. Today we give thanks and have friends and family share in the holiday joy.

Here are a few facts about Thanksgiving I thought you might enjoy: 

1) Turkey was not even on the first Thanksgiving menu,  

2) Congress asked President Washington for a national day of thanksgiving and declared November 26, 1789 as the “Day of Publick Thanksgivin”,  

3) The tradition of football on this day began in 1876 with a game between Yale and Princeton,  

4) Female turkeys cackle while male turkeys gobble,  

5) 77% of people try to avoid discussing politics when gathering with others,  

6) The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers,  

7) Cranberry sauce is the most hated Thanksgiving dish,  

8) About 28 million people watch the Macy’s Parade,

9) Minnesota raises the most turkeys in the US, and finally,  

10) 97% of Americans Say they celebrate Thanksgiving.

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