HB404 Safe At Home Act

Georgia's new legislation effecting owners' responsibilities on rental properties. 

There are 4 key elements: 

1. Landland shall keep the premises in good repair. If you wouldn't let your mom live there, you need to do some work. 

2. Expands the definition of utilities to now include cooling. You must provide temporary cooling if the main cooling system cannot be repaired within a day or so. 

3. There is a limit of 2 months rent for security deposits. This will mainly effect people with poor credit. Many landlords will require 3 months rent from a tenant with low credit scores to offset any risk. This act will now make it harder for tenants with poor credit to secure housing. 

4. Demand for possession notices must be physically tacked to the door. Landlords must provide a 3 day written notice delivered in a sealed envelop and conspicuously tacked on the door. With tenants already upset due to a job loss or some other life event, a landlord must use caution because he just won't know what state of mind or how a tenant will react when someone approches their door, tacks a notice and takes a photo of it. This part of the act is simply dangerous to everyone.  

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