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How Do I Handle Repairs in My Rental Property? Marietta Maintenance Management Advice

Maintenance on rental property is one of those many headaches that comes with ownership. It’s a two-edged sword in that maintenance costs money, and if your expenses are more than the annual rent, it’s not exactly an expenditure you want to take on. However, by fixing and repairing, you keep tenants in your home longer, and you can rent for […]

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How to Get the Best Tenants for My Marietta Rental Property | Management Advice

Over the years, since we have been in the Marietta property management business, we have found there are many elements to tenant placement that are key to making a profit. We’re talking about two of them today.

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Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Home? | Tips from a Marietta Property Manager

Pets and rental properties do not always go together, and as the owner of a rental property, I really hate renting my home to tenants with pets. Pets are hard on a property. They tear up the carpet, they scratch your hardwood floors, and they chew up the molding around the door. And then, you have to deal with

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