Know the Warning Signs of a Bad Tenant

Tenant screening is the single most important activity for landlords who want to have a successful rental experience. Many homeowners get a feeling when they’re talking to prospective tenants, and they approve a tenant who is likeable. They will do a minimal job screening, or they won’t screen at all.

That’s a huge mistake. Failing to properly screen a tenant will usually result in a loss of income due to late or unpaid rent, property damage, and ultimately an ugly and expensive dispossessory action or eviction. Today, we’re discussing some red flags when screening tenants.

Pay Attention During Showings

There are subtle red flags even when you’re showing a property. During the showing, do the tenants follow instructions? Maybe you asked them to drive by the property first. Make sure they’ve done that. Problem tenants are also likely to complain about little things. They might tell you they need to move immediately.

Application Red Flags

If your prospective tenants pass the showing test, you’ll need them to complete an application. Be wary of tenants who complain about the application or leave blank spaces or make mistakes. If they are hesitant to provide information or have excuses for why they can’t provide a social security number or a tax return, those are red flags. Maybe they’re living with relatives and have no verifiable rental references. A huge red flag is a tenant who moves a lot.

Professional Property Management

Avoiding problem tenants is what we help you do here at Atlanta Area Property Management. We have years of experience recognizing who makes a good impression from the start. We have established strong rental criteria which allows us to select the best tenants while remaining compliant with the laws. We have a great tenant placement track record. If you want a profitable investment, we’ll find you the best tenant for your home. Contact us today at Atlanta Area Property Management.

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