Find Me A Tenant

Our Tenant Placement Program (or as we like to call it “FIND ME A TENANT”) is designed for owners who need help finding good tenants but want to manage their own property.  If you don’t have the time to properly advertise and show your property, don’t know how to perform legal credit and background checks, or don’t want to spend the time or money with an attorney to draft and execute a solid, legal lease agreement, then our Tenant Placement Program may be perfect for you.



In our Tenant Placement Program, we will:

  • provide a free market analysis to help you set the monthly rent amount for your property
  • provide guidance on setting the monthly rent
  • take photographs of your property for the listing
  • advertise your property on the multiple listing service and major internet rental websites
  • install a yard sign (if permitted by the HOA) and lockbox for showingsShow property
  • take all calls, handle questions, and show the property
  • process the application and perform screening with a background check, rental history verification, financial and credit history, employment verification, and eviction check
  • write and execute the lease agreement that names you as landlord and provides all required disclosures
  • perform the move-in walk-through and document the home’s condition, collect the initial rents and deposits in certified funds made out to you. We do all this to conform to the Georgia Landlord Tenant Act so you are on solid ground with the law from day one.
  • turn all monies and signed documents over to you and we step out of the picture

Once a tenant is in place, we’ll deliver the initlal rent and deposits, originals of all the documents, and turn the day-to-day duties of managing your home over to you.  If you decide you no longer want to handle property management, just let us know and we’ll be delighted to take over.

To summarize:

  • We do the advertising
  • We show the property
  • We investigate the applicant
  • We prepare a stellar lease and exhibits
  • We meet with the tenants to sign all the documents
  • We do the move-in inspection
  • You get the security deposit
  • You get the keys and the contact information
  • You do the management



Why is there a $300 upfront fee?

Most owners who manage properties themselves will ask us to list their rental just Frustrated agentto see if we are able to get a tenant quickly while they continue to look for their own tenant. However, all too often, after we spend marketing dollars, the owner accepts an applicant (and frequently unqualified and doesn’t do any background checks) from another source and withdraws our listing. Since there is no way we can stop the owner from doing this and we have already paid for expensive advertising, we simply collect a portion of the fee upfront to help us recover some of our initial costs. If finding a good tenant was easy and cheap, everyone would do it!

What are the UPFRONT marketing activities?

Digital photos – we take a minimum of 40 photographs, crop and clean them upMarketing

Listing – we spend a great deal of time building a detailed listing of your property then submit it to the multiple listing service and on all the major rental and home websites maximizing exposure.

Lockbox – we install an agent lockbox, a contractors lockbox. We usually don’t install yard signs as they produce the wrong kind of tenant and alerts everyone that your home is vacant.

Field calls and show the property – we handle all calls that come in from everywhere and pre-qualify them. Once we have determined they may be good tenants, we will show the property. We work with other agents who may have clients interested in the property, too.

Thoroughly check the potential tenant – once a tenant has selected this rental and we feel he would qualify, they complete an online application and submit supporting documents. This process usually takes a few days but depends upon how quickly their employer, references, and landlords respond.

Write and execute the lease – upon approval of the tenant, we will work to secure the property for the tenant, obtain the reservation fee, and get lease and supporting documents signed.

Move-in – on move-in day, we meet the tenant and perform the walk-through documenting the condition of the home. We collect the security deposit, pet fees, and rent then we hand over the keys to the tenant. We deliver the funds and documentation to the owner and we step out of the picture.

If you are serious about tapping into our proven Tenant Placement System then you’ll soon discover that the $300 upfront fee is a small price to pay.