OMG! People love their pets! Statistically, over 70% of renters have pets and they consider them “part of the family”. They seek housing that is conducive to an environment that includes the dog. So if you do not permit pets in your property, you really narrow the field of potential renters and run the risk of a prolonged vacancy waiting for a qualified tenant.

We encourage you to allow pets but not without strict limits and rules. Our experience with pets has led us to implement a stringent pet policy designed to keep pets under control and pay for potential damages pets may cause.


Here’s what we expect from our tenants:

  • Pets must weigh 25 pounds or less and there is a limit of 2 pets (or whatever you, the Owner, would prefer). If the tenant wants/has a larger pet, special permission from the owner must be granted.
  • Tenant’s must notify us in writing before they obtain a pet and once permission is granted, they are required to sign our Pet Agreement before they can bring the pet(s) onto the premises and must provide us with a photo.
  • We no longer accept pet deposits because it’s too subjective when the tenant moves out. Instead, we charge a monthly Pet Rent of $50 per pet per month for pets 25 pounds and under, and $100 per pet per month for pets between 25 and 50 pounds, and $100 for pets over 50 pounds.  .
  • We charge the tenant a non-refundable pet fee of $100 to $150 paid at move-in or when the pet agreement is paid. This is our fee for processing the pet(s).
  • We restrict the type of pets permitted: no vicious breeds or exotic, endangered or illegal animals are permitted. We just want to reduce any liability issues.
  • The pet agreement is only for the specific approved pet. In addition, the tenant is not allowed to harbor or “pet-sit” any other pets without special permission. The tenant cannot substitute the pet in the event their pet runs away or dies – the tenant must start over. And, he is required to remove all offspring of the pet within 60 days of birth. If we find any unauthorized animal on the premises, it will be removed at the tenant’s expense and he will be fined $500, which goes to the owner.
  • We require all pets to wear ID tags and be on a leashdog-pullingman outside of the home’s fenced yard. The pet must always be under the tenant’s control and not left unattended outside of the home.
  • Poop and scoop – it’s the tenant’s responsibility to immediately clean up after their pet, both inside and outside of the home and yard, and promptly dispose of pet waste in the proper manner.
  • To keep from attracting pests or stray animals, no food or water may not be left outdoors. All pet food indoors must be kept clean and packed in a manner as to not attract bugs and rodents.
  • If the pet becomes a nuisance or disturbs neighbors at any time, day or night, the tenant will be required to take the necessary corrective action.
  • Tenants are required to comply with all HOA and municipal bylaws regarding dogvacpets, and they agree to abide by all local, city, or province ordinances, licensing, health requirements regarding pets, including vaccinations and all parts of the Pet Agreement.
  • Tenants are completely responsible and totally liable for all damages or harm to property or people. The tenant is also responsible for any damage, loss, or expense caused by the pet and must pay invoices upon receipt.
  • If the tenant fails to comply with any of the terms of the pet agreement, we have the right to revoke permission to keep the pet or terminate the lease.


As you can see, we think it makes sense to permit pets in your rental home but with a good bit of control. We take pet ownership seriously and expect our tenants to do the same.